• What sort of licence should I go for: Automatic or manual?

The choice is up to you.  What sort of car you will have to practise in depends on your situation and type of work you are hoping to do. Working in an office etc. automatic or manual licence. Trades such as a builder, plumber or electrician etc. manual licence. If you go for an automatic licence you can only drive an auto vehicle while you are on your probationary licence or re test for manual.

  • Will 120 hours of driving make me a good driver?

Not always, it will depend on how the driving has been done and what sort of traffic condition you have driven in as not everyone understands the complications of driving in heavy traffic.

  • How many lessons do I need?

This will depend on the individual and how much practise you have between professional driving lessons.

I will pick you up from your home, work or school etc.

Your first lesson will start off in a quiet street at first to see at what level you are at.